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Tough Twist Dumbbell Shape Dental chewing Toy For Small Medium Dog

Tough Twist Dumbbell Shape Dental chewing Toy For Small Medium Dog

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Say goodbye to doggy breath and hello to healthier teeth with our Tough Twist Dumbbell Shape Dental chewing Toy. With its unique dumbbell shape, it removes tartar and plaque while providing a durable, non-toxic, and gentle chew for small to medium sized dogs. Keep your furry friend entertained and their teeth in top shape!

  • Dental Health Boost: While engaging in tug and fetch, the dental dumbbell toy also cleans teeth, massages gums, and satisfies the chewing instinct, with a rubber center featuring textured massage points for dental hygiene.
  • Teething and Cleaning: TPR rubber provides relief for teething puppies and aids adult dogs by removing tartar and leftover food, ensuring cleaner teeth.
  • Safe and Durable: Made from non-toxic, durable rubber, this toy is safe for your pet and built to last through countless play sessions.

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