Hi, we are Sammie & Mochi!

We are your furry guides and the inspiration behind Frenchie Charm, where every purr and tail wag sparks joys and happiness.

Our tail begins...

In a cozy nook of our human's home, filled with love and endless belly rubs, we discovered the magic of being not just pets, but family. We realized that every leap onto the couch and every contented snooze in the sun was more than just doggy delights; they were moments of pure joy, bonding us and our humans in an unbreakable circle of love.

The dream of Frenchie Charm

Seeing the world through our bright, wide eyes, our humans were inspired to spread the love and joy we brought into their lives. Thus, Frenchie Charm was born—a brand dedicated to enhancing the lives of pets and their families everywhere. Our mission was simple yet profound: to create innovative, high-quality pet products that not only ensure safety and comfort but also deepen the bonds between pets and their humans.

Our promise to you

As the heart and soul of Frenchie Charm, we promise to always uphold the values of love, joy, and family in everything we do. From the design of each product to the care in our customer service, every step we take is guided by our desire to bring happiness and wellbeing into your homes, making every moment with your pets as wonderful as our moments with our humans.

Paws For Purpose

Every bounce, wag, and purr fuels our passion not just for play, but for a grander cause.

Each time you bring a bit of Frenchie Charm into your home, you're joining us on a heartfelt quest. A portion of the joy – that's right, a part of every purchase – trots over to shelters and charities dedicated to our less fortunate furry friends. From cozy beds in chilly shelters to life-saving treatments for those in need, your choice helps us extend a helping paw.

We believe every whisker, every paw pad, and every wag tells a story of hope. Together, we're not just celebrating the bond between pets and their humans; we're weaving a tapestry of care that reaches the nooks and crannies of our furry world, ensuring every cat's meow and dog's bark echoes with a bit more happiness.

This adventure, dear friends, isn't one we embark on alone – it's a path we pave side by side with you, our treasured pack. We extend a paw, inviting you to be part of this heartfelt endeavor. Join us on Instagram, keep your eyes peeled for the latest tales, and dive into our #PawsForPurpose campaign. Your support, your voice, and your choice are the ripples that can turn into waves of change for countless beloved souls. Let's journey together, making each step count for our furry companions far and wide." 🐾❤️