What sparked the idea for Frenchie Charm?

There we were, Sammie and Mochi, hopping on the sofa like it was our personal trampoline, our every leap filling our pawrent's heart with a mix of joy and alarm. Eyes wide, they pondered the risk of a misstep leading to something serious, like a spine injury or the much-feared IVDD. 'How can we let these furballs be their playful selves without the worry?' they mused. It was this blend of concern and love that sparked the idea behind Frenchie Charm. 'Why not spread the cheer of Sammie and Mochi's best days to all our furry friends?' they thought. And just like that, we embarked on a heartfelt mission to craft a world where fun meets safety, weaving together snuggles with security and playtime with peace of mind, ensuring tails keep wagging in high spirits, sans the risks. A place where the joy of every jump is preserved, yet every landing is safe and snug 🐾

How do your products keep us furballs safe?

Sniff this out: We've got stairs and gear designed just for your delicate paws and adventurous leaps, making sure you land softly and safely, every time!

Why should our pawrents pick you, Frenchie Charm?

Because we're all about extra tail wags and purrs! We mix fun with function, sprinkle in some innovation, and always think about your safety and your pawrents' peace of mind

Got anything for homes that need to stay spick-and-span?

You bet! Our stairs double as secret stash spots for your toys and treats. Keeps your play den tidy and your pawrents happy!

How sturdy are your products? Can they handle this fluff?

Sturdier than a squirrel on an acorn hunt! We're built for the long haul, ready for all your jumps, runs, and cozy naps. In all seriousness, they can handle up to 110 lbs! However, we do not recommend them for you big alpha pups.

Best way to get us used to those fancy stairs?

Patience, treats, and lots of 'Good boy/girl!' works wonders. We love a gentle nudge towards trying out new fun things, especially when treats are involved!

Are these products a breeze to clean?

Easier than chasing your tail! A quick wipe, and it's like our muddy paw prints were never there. We also include the fur collector for your pawrents to easily pick up your hair off the stairs!

Cats and other critters - can they join the fun too?

Our circle of friends includes everyone - from the tiniest kitten to your most dignified doggo. All are welcome β™‘

How does Frenchie Charm help our furry and less-furry friends out there?

We're part of the pack! A bit of what you give us goes to help our pals in shelters, spreading the love and good vibes #pawsforpurpose 🐾 Make sure you follow us on our IG for frequent updates! We will donate to any in need furry friend, charity, or shelter of your choice!

Shipping & Return Policy

How do our goodies get to your doorstep?

Bark! Once you pick your Frenchie Charm favorites, we zip them over to you faster than a squirrel up a tree. We pack every box with a wag and a promise, sending it on its merry way to land safely at your paw-step! Our pawrent works due diligently to ship your order out within 24 hours!

Where do you ship?

Zoom-zoom! Frenchie Charm ships far and wide, bringing joy to doorsteps across lands, over hills, and through bustling cities. Whether you're nestled in a cozy urban apartment or roaming free in the countryside, we're on a mission to ensure your parcel of happiness finds its way to you. Just let us know where your pack calls home, and we'll get those tails wagging in no time πŸ“¦βœˆοΈ We just cannot ship to those who are not in US yet! Stay tuned for our international update!

What if the delivery takes longer than a dog's nap?

Yip-yip! If your package seems to be taking the scenic route (longer than we promised), just give us a woof. We're on it like a bone, tracking it down and making sure it gets to you without another detour!

Can you send back your products if it doesn't make your tail wag?

Arf! Absolutely. Though we our best to keep you happy with our products, we also understand that everything works out. If something's not making your tail wag or your heart sing, we're here to make it right. Just send it back our way, and we'll find something that brings out that happy dance! Please note that you will need to give us a bark within 15 days since delivery.

What if the stairs or toys show signs of being used?

Sniff-sniff! We love that our products bring joy and play to your day, but if they've been part of the fun and games, they've found their forever home with you! Items that show signs of use, like those adventurous climbs up the stairs or joy-filled toy romps, can't embark on the journey back to us for a return or refund. It's all part of ensuring every pet gets brand new, snuggle-ready goodies from the get-go!" 🐾🚫

How do you start a return, and is it as easy as fetching a stick?

Ruff-ruff! Starting a return is simpler than fetching a stick on a sunny day. Just hop onto our website, fill out our "Contact Us" form with your Order Number and request for return, and we'll guide you through sending your item back to the Frenchie Charm family.