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Spike Bouncy Ball Dog Toy For Small Medium Dogs

Spike Bouncy Ball Dog Toy For Small Medium Dogs

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Introducing the ultimate toy for your furry friend - our Spike Bouncy Ball Dog Toy! Made from non-toxic materials, it's safe for your pet to chew on while providing endless fun with its engaging squeaker. Its versatile use also promotes dental health and agility through dynamic bounce and gentle texture. Woof yeah!

  • Non-toxic Plastic: Crafted from non-toxic materials, ensuring safety and well-being for your beloved pet.
  • Engaging Squeaker: Equipped with an internal squeaker, the perfect blend of size and hardness to entice play with exciting sounds for endless fun.
  • Versatile Use: Doubles as a dental care tool with long elastic thorns to combat plaque and tartar, promoting oral health alongside play.
  • Dynamic Bounce: Exceptional bounce properties for lively games in various settings, enhancing your pet's agility and hunting instincts.
  • Gum-Friendly Texture: Designed with a soft texture to be gentle on your dog's gums, making playtime enjoyable and safe.

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